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Our Cleaning Tiers

Kihei Clean offers three tiers of flat-rate cleaning services. Services can be tailored based on your home size and specialty requirements.

Regular Cleaning

Our base tier cleaning service.

Recommended for homes that are lightly soiled and have been cleaned within the last month. At this time we only support Regular Cleanings for clients with a minimum recurring frequency of once per month. A Deep Clean is required by default for the first cleaning unless we waive the requirement after completing a site visit.


In each bathroom we will thoroughly scrub, sanitize and wipe all toilets, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, countertops, mirrors and all non-window glass.


In the kitchen, the cabinet exteriors, exhaust hood, appliance exteriors, and countertops are all cleaned. Afterwards the stainless-steel appliances, sink & faucets are polished. All non-window glass is wiped.

Bedrooms & Other

In each of the bedrooms and common rooms, we will wipe all flat top surfaces, furniture and decorative items. All mirrors and non-window glass are polished. All floors are vacuumed, and tile and hardwood floors are mopped.

Deep Cleaning

Our more comprehensive cleaning service. Includes everything from Regular Cleaning plus the additional items below.

Recommended for homes that are heavily soiled, have not been cleaned within the last month, or where a more comprehensive clean is preferred.

Walls, Baseboards, Doors, Door Frames, and Window Frames

Additional cleaning time will be spent on dusting and SPOT CLEANING walls, baseboards, doors, door frames, and window frames. Magic Eraser treatment will be used on scuff marks and stains where needed.

*Full surface cleaning is available for an additional fee.

Furniture, Closets & Floors

Additional cleaning time will be spent on vacuuming behind and beneath furniture, vacuuming and cleaning the inside of closets and vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces and cracks of upholstered furniture.

Fans, Vents & Light Fixtures

Additional cleaning time will be spent dusting and cleaning ceiling fans, exhaust vents, and light fixtures.


Each bed will be made with the linens you make available. Linen laundry is available as a service add-on.*

Move In/Out Cleaning

Our most comprehensive cleaning service. Includes everything from Deep Cleaning plug the additional items outlined below

Recommended for heavily soiled homes, seasonal cleans, or homes where the tenants are moving out or new tenants are about to move in.

Refrigerator, Kitchen Range, and Microwave

Deep clean inside and out of all appliances, inside and out. Appliances are moved and areas behind and below are cleaned. Stainless-steel is polished.

Cabinets & Shelving

Cabinets are cleaned inside and out. Shelves are cleaned.

Light Fixture Detailing

All light fixtures will be thoroughly cleaned.


All window screens, frames, and tracks – accessible from the inside of the house and without a ladder – will be cleaned inside and out.

*Cleaning of interior and exterior windows, sliding glass doors, and window coverings are available as service add-ons.

Customization & Add-ons

Our services can be custom tailored to best meet your needs. During the initial walk through, and subsequent walkthroughs, we will review and note any specialty requirements and custom requests. Where add-on charges are applicable, we will communicate the costs and request authorization before proceeding.

Happy Customers

“I hired Kihei Clean to clean my rental when I moved out. They cleaned every inch of my place and was amazed on how clean it was. They had great communication from when I booked them to when they were finish. Definitely would use them again!”

Mike R.

“Heard about this company from a mailer. Used them first for a move out clean then used them again for my move in clean at our new place. Amazing, detail-oriented job! Everything looks perfect. I highly recommend them.”


“Great service! I used them for a construction clean up. They did a really thorough job. Thanks!”

Carolyn B.

“I would highly recommend Kihei Clean to anyone needing a reliable and professional cleaning service.”

Ed M.
South Kihei

“Great people to work with. Very responsive, great work! Crystal clean.”

Francisco M.

"Amazing cleaning!! They do a great job cleaning my house as well as my vacation rental. Friendly staff, great costumer service, on time and the best cleaning I have had on Maui!! Highly recommend."

Carol R.
South Kihei

“Our home was spotless, and the price was right. The crew was professional and thorough. They did a wonderful job. Highly recommended.”


“Love the crew at Kihei Clean. We get regular scheduled cleaning for our home in Maui Meadows and couldn't happier with their service. I have tried 3 different companies before a friend recommended them - Ad, Virgina, Lorena - all amazing! Highly Recommend!”

Matt R.
Maui Meadows

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