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Service Highlights

We provide high-level service and dedicated account managers for all of our clients. With Kihei Clean you will have the piece of mind knowing that your vacation rental is being cleaned properly and on-schedule every single time.
Professional Account Management
Linen Program
Guaranteed Same-Day Turns
Included Guest Supplies
Included Welcome Basket
Completed Cleaning Emails
Semi-Annual Deep Cleans

Linen Program

Kihei Clean streamlines your vacation rental operations with our Vacation Rental Linen Program.

We provide all the linens, towels, protectors & pillows

We rigorously replace any damaged or worn items

We perform all laundry off site and arrive with clean linen

By working this way, it is crystal clear who is responsible for these items, WE ARE, and you can rest assured we will give our team the resources, procedures and supervision needed to consistently meet our quality standards.
What Is Included
We provide all the hotel-grade linens and towels your guests need to be comfortable.
Bath Towels    Hand Towels  Washcloths    Beach Towels
Kitchen Towels    Bathmats    Mattress Protectors    Bed Sheets
Flat Sheets    Duvets    Duvet Inserts    Blankets    Pillows
Pillow Protectors    Pillowcases

Guaranteed Same-Day Turns

The key to a consistently clean vacation rental is establishing a pristine baseline and maintaining it with detailed turnover cleans.
In the kitchen, the cabinet exteriors, exhaust hood, and countertops are all cleaned. Refrigerator, kitchen range, and microwave will be cleaned inside and out. Afterwards, the stainless-steel appliances, sink & faucets are polished. All non-window glass is wiped.
Bedrooms & Living Areas
In each of the bedrooms and common rooms, we will wipe all flat top surfaces, furniture and decorative items. Each bed will be made using fresh linens provided by us. All mirrors and non-window glass are polished.
In each bathroom we will thoroughly scrub, sanitize and wipe all toilets, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, countertops, mirrors and all non-window glass.
All soiled linens will be removed and replaced with a full set of fresh linens.
Floors, Furniture & Closets
Carpeted floors and upholstered furniture are vacuumed, and tile and hardwood floors are mopped.
Walls, Baseboards, Doors, Door & Window Frames
Additional cleaning time will be spent on dusting and spot cleaning walls, baseboards, doors, door frames, and window frames.
Fans, Vents & Light Fixtures
Additional cleaning time will be spent dusting and cleaning ceiling fans, exhaust vents, and light fixtures.
Lanai & Lanai Sliding Doors
The lanai will be mopped; patio furniture will be dusted and glass sliding doors will be touched up.

Included Guest Supplies

Included with each cleaning:
  • Toilet Paper (3 pieces per bathroom)
  • Paper Towel (1 piece)
  • Hand Soap Refill (kitchen and bathroom sinks)
  • Kitchen Sponge (1 piece)
  • Kitchen Garbage Bags (7 pieces)
  • Bathroom Garbage Bags (2 pieces per bathroom)
  • Laundry Pods (7 pieces)
  • Dishwasher Pods (7 pieces)
  • Travel Size Bar Soap (2 pieces per full bathroom)
  • Travel Size Shower Gel (1 piece per full bathroom)
  • Travel Size Shampoo (1 piece per full bathroom)
  • Travel Size Conditioner (1 per full bathroom)
Note: The provided supplies are intended as a starter kit to facilitate a smooth guest arrival experience. The guest is responsible to secure any other supplies needed for their trip. It is important for this to be clearly messaged before the guest arrival to avoid any false expectations.

Included Welcome Basket

Included with each cleaning:
  • Bamboo Basket (1 piece)
  • Regular Coffee from Lion Coffee (1 piece)
  • Decaf Coffee from Lion Coffee (1 piece)
  • Canned Drink from Hawaiian Sun (2 pieces)
  • Potato Chips from Hawaiian Brand (2 pieces)
  • Chocolates from Hawaiian Host (1 piece)
  • Welcome Card
Note: Included items may be substituted with similar quality items based on availability. Substitutions and customization are not currently supported.

Completed Cleaning Emails

At the end of each cleaning, our supervisor team will send out a Completed Cleaning Email to let you know the unit was fully cleaned and is ready for the next guest. In the email we will include photos from the completed cleaning and notes with any comments or concerns, such as damages from the prior guest.

Semi-Annual Deep Cleans

A vacation rental Deep Cleaning is not your normal Turnover Cleaning, and it is also not your normal Deep Cleaning. It is a unique and crucial component to consistently delivering an exceptional guest experience and maintaining owner piece of mind.

We typically require new accounts to receive a Deep Cleaning upon sign up. We then require a minimum of bi-annual Deep Cleanings with the option to do them more frequently if preferred.

Walls, Baseboards, Doors, Door Frames, and Window Frames
Additional cleaning time will be spent on dusting and spot-cleaning walls, baseboards, doors, door frames, and window frames. Magic Eraser treatment will be used on scuff marks and stains where needed.
Furniture, Closets & Floors
Additional cleaning time will be spent on vacuuming behind and beneath furniture, vacuuming and cleaning the inside of closets and vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces and cracks of upholstered furniture.
Fans, Vents & Light Fixtures
Additional cleaning time will be spent dusting and cleaning ceiling fans, exhaust vents, and light fixtures.
Cabinet Cleaning
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers will be emptied, the interiors will be cleaned, contents will be dusted/cleaned, and contents will be neatly placed back inside the cabinets and drawers.
Pillows, Mattress Protectors & Pillow Protectors
We will inspect the pillows, mattress protectors and pillow protectors and clean or replace as needed.
Full Kitchen Inventory
Before the items are returned to your kitchen cabinets and drawers, our team will conduct a thorough inventory of the kitchen items and include any notes they feel appropriate to share.
Window Cleaning (Add-on)
While optional, we do recommend having your windows and sliding glass doors professionally cleaned. Owners are welcome to use 3rd party window cleaners, or we can add it to your deep cleanings as an add-on service. We support interior windows, sliding glass doors, and exterior windows directly accessible from the lanai or hallway.
Post Clean Report
After the cleaning, our team will send a Post Clean Report which will include photos and notes from the cleaning and the completed Kitchen Inventory.
Move out cleaning Kihei

Happy Customers

“Kihei Clean were immenseley helpful to our luxury vacation rental company and did an excellent job. Their cleaners are skilled and efficient. I highly recommend them!”

Pikake K.

“Amazing cleaning!! They do a great job cleaning my house as well as my vacation rental. Friendly staff, great costumer service, on time and the best cleaning I have had on Maui!! Highly recommend.”

Carol R.
South Kihei

“I hired Kihei Clean to clean my rental when I moved out. They cleaned every inch of my place and was amazed on how clean it was. They had great communication from when I booked them to when they were finish. Definitely would use them again!”

Mike R.

“Heard about this company from a mailer. Used them first for a move out clean then used them again for my move in clean at our new place. Amazing, detail-oriented job! Everything looks perfect. I highly recommend them.”


“I would highly recommend Kihei Clean to anyone needing a reliable and professional cleaning service.”

Ed M.
South Kihei

“Great service! I used them for a construction clean up. They did a really thorough job. Thanks!”

Carolyn B.

“Great people to work with. Very responsive, great work! Crystal clean.”

Francisco M.

“Our home was spotless, and the price was right. The crew was professional and thorough. They did a wonderful job. Highly recommended.”


“Love the crew at Kihei Clean. We get regular scheduled cleaning for our home in Maui Meadows and couldn’t happier with their service. I have tried 3 different companies before a friend recommended them – Ad, Virgina, Lorena – all amazing! Highly Recommend!”

Matt R.
Maui Meadows

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